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Rowan Tree Studio

Rowan Tree Studio
Tel: 07436958393
Hello there!


I’m over the moon that you've found my site!


My name is Phillippa, Pip to my friends which I'm sure you will become, and my love for photography was born out of not wanting to forget. Not wanting to forget one little detail of my Children. To create a library of photo memories to treasure forever.


I’m a  mum of three, two boys and one girl of varying ages a teenager, almost ready to make his own way in the world, a preteen who is finding her feet and a toddler! So you could say I have every age of child all at once! So this taken into consideration I have been handling and working with newborns, and children for some time.
So between my experience, and training, rest assured your little ones are safe in my hands.


A little more about me, I run on coffee but can only drink it before 5 as it keeps me awake all night otherwise, I'm already a night owl, I'm often up until 1 or 2 in the morning editing my latest gallery or doing a photography course or 3! I also can't spell for toffee an unfortunate family trait ha ha, so if you come across one or many spelling mistakes, which you may already have done, please don't be put off by my unprofessionalism, it's not my fault, I wasn't gifted with the spelling gene, we can't all be perfect can we.

My little clients never mind.


I live in a tiny cottage with my partner and 3 children, its full to the brim with love, laughs, well 80% of the time, there is always a drama of some sort going on, oh and lots and lots of photography props, lol.

Preparation for my arrival

As I come to you please don't worry about giving your house the royal clean before I arrive. Being a mother of 3 I know how hard it can be to keep your house pristine during those first few weeks, or years even! You can even stay in your PJ's I really don't mind.

For sitter age babies and children please don't stress about how they will behave or if they will smile. I have a few tricks up my sleeve and I can always crack open the emergency bubbles! ( not the alcoholic kind unfortunately) Plus I actually prefer neutral natural expressions to cheesy false grins, don't you? I just need a samll space near a window or patio door to set up unless we are working outside.

However the shoot goes I will be sure to mange to get some beautiful hang on the wall worthy images.

I am not a cheap or quick photographer, I aim to create something special, something to be pride of place and to become an heirloom. So if a USB of quick shots is what you're looking for I'm not the photographer for you.

“Babies don’t keep.” It’s one of the truest sayings I’ve heard. The wrinkly skin and pouty lips, kissable chubby cheeks and the cutest windy toothless grins. These moments don’t last very long.


The adventurous years for children are also fleeting, where they hunt for fairy's and flowers, dinosaur footpr

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